Money In The Bank Random Thoughts

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Random Thoughts

  •  Renee Young is already better as the Pre-show panel host than Josh Matthews ever was. Sorry, Josh.
  • The news of Bryan possibly needing a second surgery really, really blows.
  • A really strong opener and Tag Title match. All four guys worked really hard, though I would have gone through with the title change and the heels winning the belts if it were my call.
  • A nice effort from the Diva’s and nice win for Paige. Now, how about establishing a personality for your Diva’s Champion? Do that, and we’ll be good.
  • I loved the MITB By the Numbers video. On the other hand, it reminds me bout how old I really have gotten. I was a sophomore in High School when the first MITB ladder match took place.
  • Damien Sandow is right about one thing. New York is the best. Preach on, Damien.
  • Perhaps Paul Revere would have faired better…

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Breaking Down (and Rebuilding) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The rock

The Movie Bastards

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Hollywood Reporter

Despite being weighed down with the unenviable past as a professional wrestler, I think it’s fair to say that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is becoming a modern day Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s conquering box offices, becoming a twitter force, and the sky seems to be the limit for his star power.

However it wasn’t always this good for the former NFL reject.

Coming from another psuedo-sport, the champion body builder Schwarzenegger was constantly told to conform, get a sensible name, and that he’d never conquer Hollywood. Of course, Arnold ignored all this, paved his own way and become one of the most recognisable people on the planet. Similar to Schwarzenegger, Johnson oozes the charisma and likability, and importantly possess the same defiant spirit that will get him to the top of the mountain.

But Johnson’s rise to the top was never easy. As a child his family had no money…

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John Cena Can’t Turn For You

John cena



Dear WWE Fans,

John Cena can’t turn heel. Ever. For the adults out there, rise above the hate, because the kids love John Cena and your opinion doesn’t matter. The life he leads provides the stories on which timeless yarns are spun. If John Cena were a legend, he’d work 365 days a year and tirelessly represent the WWE with respect and integrity. Since the stories are true, I suppose we’ll deem him legend.

His philanthropy alone owns everything. Who’s broken the record for the most wishes granted through Make A Wish foundation? Cena. Who still makes time to grant those wishes, rain or shine, sleep or no sleep, regardless of his scheduling demands? John freakin’ Cena, and you’d better recognize.

Cena has earned the right to creative discipline regarding his personal brand. And by discipline, I mean he deserves to dictate how he should best be represented by cracking…

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Day 59: heat, dust, chafe, ridgewalking and the swimming hole of dreams



June 22
Mileage 31.5
Mile 1220.5 to mile 1251.5 (plus .5 to water)

The mosquitoes arrive just before bed- big fat swarms of them, bumping up against our faces, whining like little single engine planes. I pull my mosquito headnet over my face and try to sleep- the mesh on my shelter is busted and I’m going to send it into zpacks for repair (thanks, zpacks!) but I haven’t gotten around to doing it, yet. The mesh headnet falls against my face and I can see the bugs, bumping up against it. Their whining grows louder and louder. And it’s hot in here! It’s hot tonight, and I’m all the way in my sleeping bag. How am I ever going to sleep?

Later after the stars come out the mosquitoes go to sleep, and so do I. I tear the mesh off my face, breathe the good night air, and…

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